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RPM Services

The RPM Method and the Services We Provide

One of the most important and foundational elements for spelling and every RPM session is to PRESUME COMPETENCE, and is what makes RPM life changing for families. Presuming competence simply means to assume an autistic or neurodivergent person has the capacity to think, learn, and understand—even when their body is not cooperating to show us.

Each RPM session is approximately 50 minutes long, and includes an age-appropriate academic lesson, in which the practitioner works to create a back and forth exchange based on the individual needs of the child.  

Lessons are adapted and can change quickly depending upon what learning channels the student has access to on any given day. The communication practitioner and speller begin with a letterboard, and then progress to keyboards, and voice assisted applications.

The primary goal of all our open communicators is to spell with friends and family. Our paired sessions offer spellers unique opportunities to develop friendships and enhance social skills.

Paired RPM sessions are generally available for our more experienced spellers, who are considered “open communicators,” and are provided by our most experienced practitioners.

For students new to this service, VIBE can help pair compatible spellers for these sessions. Each family is responsible for 50% of the session fee.

Walk-in RPM sessions are great opportunities for families who are not able to commit to regular weekly sessions or for families who live farther away, and do not have access to spelling services in their area.  

Online consultations are required prior to scheduling the first session to give the practitioner time to meet and discuss the family’s goals, the student’s needs, and to give us time to prepare age-appropriate lessons.

Spelling with your child is absolutely vital to their long-term success, and they want this too! There are many great programs to help you learn independently, and we can definitely recommend some excellent online programs to launch your spelling education.

To help get you started at VIBE, we offer limited session spaces for a family member, or other communication partner to join their speller for a personalized coaching experience with Ms. Amanda.

During this session, we will coach you through basic letter-boarding skills, lesson planning, and motor-building techniques to begin your personal spelling journey with your child at home.