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Welcome to VIBE Learning Center, home of the “VIBE TRIBE" as we have been happily nicknamed by our spellers!

We are a safe place to call home for all autistics and neurodivergent children, adults, and families. If you are looking to become part of our spelling or tutoring tribe we are so happy to have you here! 

VIBE is a learning community where we foster communication for neurodivergent nonspeakers or minimally speaking (echolalia) individuals.  In addition, VIBE offers academic tutoring for your child with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, sensory processing issues, and more.

We empower our students by PRESUMING COMPETENCE 100% of the time.  We believe that all autistics have the ability to learn and understand everything they have been taught.  They simply struggle to show us what they know.  

At VIBE, your student will be presented with creative and fun, age appropriate, academic lessons, utilizing RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) with a letterboard, keyboard and/or voice assisted AAC device.  RPM gives students a method of communication to express what they have learned and understand, as well as their reasoning and thoughts.

Our spellers might not be speakers or reliable speakers, but they have a VOICE. It is my mission to help every speller find & utilize that VOICE, and to provide a unique, safe and stable learning environment where your child can thrive!

My name is Amanda McDaniels.  I am a teacher who believes that ALL children, regardless of age, diagnosis, or academic level, deserve access to effective communication, and the opportunity to achieve greatness! 

I utilize my skills as a Special Education teacher, along with my classroom experience, and the RPM method of communication, to bring a unique, and personalized educational approach to VIBE, where we strive to meet the needs of each child individually. 

Whether participating in our RPM Sessions, Private Tutoring, or Group Classes, we are committed to help each student excel in a safe and fun learning environment, and to find and utilize their true VOICE.

I would love to meet with you and your child so together, we can develop a plan to help them learn, grow and become everything they are meant to be!

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